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My body swelled up to three times its normal size...

I developed ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which has a 50% mortality ratio.

They removed my spleen and repaired all of the ruptures in my intestines in an eight hour surgery.

A feeding tube kept me alive but I lost over 35 pounds in my month and a half stay at the hospital.

A respirator was responsible for my breathing and supplied over 95% of my air intake for the first three weeks.

Doctor Todd Davis

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This website has been created to serve the public best interest in regards to exposing any heath or safety issues involving the character “Doctor Todd Davis.” It is a tool to obtain new information from people who know him, have been treated by him or have information that could be useful in highlighting his character and practices as a physician. Please use the contacts portion of this website, if you have anything that you believe might be useful in achieving this goal. Note – This website will be updated periodically.